About Emiliana

Hi ya’ll. My name is Emiliana and this is my blog. If you stumbled upon it by accident, I either welcome you kindly to pull up a seat or beg for your forgiveness as you hustle for the exit. For whatever reason fate has brought you here, I thank you for your visit and hope you enjoy your stay.

I’m a bit of a dreamer. I have a gypsy soul. I’ve tried to settle down a bit in my growing age, but such is a spirit that does not like to be contained.  I enjoy being outdoors – hiking, camping, exploring.  I love photography, writing, and traveling. I am a single mom.  I work. I attend college classes.  I’m a modern day super girl who lives next door. I’m not perfect. I can be loud. Sometimes messy. I make my fair share of mistakes. I hate to admit when I wrong (but it happens).  I embrace my realness.

In life, too many people try to squeeze themselves in between the lines they think define humanity. I’m not one for convention.  This blog is a chronicle of my wandering adventures: my triumphs and stumblings, my theories and discoveries. Hopefully, you’ll come across something here that makes you smile and laugh or read something relatable to what you are or have been going through.  If you need to get in touch with me, do so here.

Namaste.  ~Emi


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